Sunday, 4 November 2012

Faire une pause.

Lately my addiction to Pintrest has grown, maybe because it's just so much more appealing than studying at the moment regardless I've found that I'm loving all the fashion photos that crop up as well as some of the amazing photography images. Most of the images below are from my "fashion" board and includes runway looks which is mainly pretty to look at, not so much to wear, and items which I want to own. I also love naming my boards because it gives me a chance to use my french (I'll save my love for French for another day, another post). Somehow everything just sounds better when you say it french, faire une pause just has a better ring to it than 'taking a break' (with the proper pronunciation and frenchy accent of course). 

My weekend wasn't only pinning pretty pictures onto my virtual boards, there was an ample amount of studying done too although last night my neighbours were uncannily loud and proved they didn't want me to study either, surely that was the reason behind them having a live band playing those golden oldies? They're just so thoughtful.

This week will probably seeing me doing less blogging :'( and more hitting the books (literally and figuratively). Although I am looking forward to the fact that the next two days are free days! (yaay) Have a great week, as always stay stylish!

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