Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I have new obsession addiction; it's literally my new favourite TV show ever. Seriously. It's Suits. Just a little background for those of you living under a rock and have not heard of this dashing show (yes I just called a show dashing). It's all about lawyers that work in Manhattan, NYC - specifically the firm Pearson & Hardman. The firm has partners and associates. The main characters are Harvey Spector (the I'm-too-cool-for-anyone lawyer/senior partner) and Mike Ross (just know he's a genius and he doesn't have a law degree, oh and he's an associate at P&H).

Powerful duo.
Harvey Spector. 
Mike Ross. 
Harvey is Mike's boss. There's also Donna (Harvey's secretary). Then there's Jessica (everyone's boss). Let's not forget the biggest pain in the ass partner Louis Litt; he is literally the most annoying person ever (think of the most annoying person you know, multiply that by 1000000 and you have Louis).

That's Suits in an ultra-condensed version; I haven't touched on the drama, witt, side-banter and general ass-kicking (I couldn't think of any other word) that happens in the show and of course there is the usual romance and heartache. Anyhooo, an added bonus is the good-looking actors in the show (mainly Harvey and Mike). I'm Team Mike by the way. Not that there are teams, like in Twilight (dear Lord no). Basically I think Mike is hotter. Unequivocally.

I'm not entirely sure what moment this is capturing but this is Harvey, Rachel, Donna. 
The cast. If that wasn't evident. 
So that's me fangirling showing you my favourite TV show. This show basically makes me want to become a lawyer and move to New York and practise law. But it's unlikely I'm going to be a lawyer - I wouldn't be able to deal with court. Anyway that's a discussion for another blog post. I'm just sad that I've watched all the episodes there is to watch (damn my impatience) and I have to wait till JANUARY 17 for the new episode. That's in like...umm.. a lot of days. Tear, sniff.

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