Wednesday, 17 October 2012


So today would've been the sixth day I would be dying surviving without internet but thanks to my lovely mother it has been restored. I may sound overdramatic to some of you but please try and function without the internet. You can't print documents because the printer is connected wirelessly, you can't blog or check other blogs, you're unable to go on to Youtube and look at the latest videos posted by various vloggers (Caspar LeeJack Harries and Finn Harries who occasionally does guest appearances).
So what can you do without internet on one's laptop?

  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Type up documents
Also before the internet went haywire, I did download this really fun app called Flutter (as recommended from a friend) and I did play a lot with that. It controls your iTunes, QuickTime Player and all other movie and music playing programs using your webcam and hand signals. 

My laptop, sad to say, became very useless to me over this time besides being able to fool around with this app; don't you think it looks rather superhero-ish? To be a bit 'philosophical', you could ask yourself the question what do people do without the internet in general? What did they do BEFORE the internet? I found I watched a lot more TV, read a few more pages of my book than I would normally read. Okay, jokes I'm only on chapter 2 after a week of having it. I was possibly more sociable with my family and I was more productive with work. 
All those benefits aside, I'm tres contente that the internet is back so that sanity has returned in my life. Call me over-dramatic or whatever but it is tough especially when all your favourite shows have returned and you can't watch them online. Nevertheless, I'm back. Hope you all had a fab weekend and survive the rest of this slow week, oh and happy Hump Day! As always, stay stylish. 

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