Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chrome, honey.

After reading this post on one of my favourite blogs, I remembered my September mission of wanting to get chrome (metallic) nail polish. Thus far, I have been unsuccessful. A friend of mine had bought it from Woolworths but I'm not sure how long ago this was. I do own somewhat of a metallic nail colour but it's silver and not very metallic-like as pictured above. I bought it from Boots when I was in London last year because I saw someone on the Underground tube who had it and it looked stunning. Although mine didn't seem to have the same effect, sadness. 

Anyway the mission has been rekindled and as soon as exams are over, I shall be on the prowl for this colour. I think it looks so effortless and refreshing from the normal nail polish colours! As always, stay stylish. 

Images via weheartit and Pintrest

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