Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy Friday!

It's the weekend at last, this week feels like it dragged fooo' sure. This week was mildly uneventful although yesterday was October 3rd and the Mean Girls world imploded and it was a very grand day quoting Mean Girls (not that I don't do that on a daily basis anyway - totes relatable, I mean "get in loser we're going shopping" who doesn't use that in everyday life??)

I digress. Looking forward to another chilled weekend and procrastinating hopefully getting myself organised for the upcoming exams and what not. I am also loving getting back in the blogging groove.

Have a suuuper fab weekend all. xx


  1. Great post, a day spent quoting Mean Girls is a day well spent! Love the picture too, cute blog! :)

  2. I agree completely! Thanks for the comment. :)


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