Thursday, 13 December 2012

Colour me crazy

I've been wanting to blog about my chalkboard for a while and today I finally got some coloured chalk so my board won't look all that boring in the photos. A bit weird I know. Anyway I got the idea of a chalkboard after seeing my exchange student's chalkboard wall in her room. It's pretty simple to make your own chalkboard (as my mom did for me).

All you need is:
  • chalkboard paint (you can get this from a hardware store)
  • paintbrush
  • board to paint on (we used an old frame)
How to do it is pretty self explanatory, you paint the special chalkboard paint onto the board et voila you have a chalkboard. 

Please just see how much coloured chalk I have.

Now that I have coloured chalk I can..
Draw a spaz looking flower
Draw a green heart 
What picture is ever complete without a smiley face?
Draw an outline of my hand.
Release my inner-designer.

The possibilities are endless. Stay stylish!

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