Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Adios Muchachos.

Don't you just love spur of the moment decisions? Well, I decided yesterday to go up to Johannesburg with my aunt today and will be up there for a week. I come back just in time to leave again next week for a cruise. So I don't have time to even do any scheduled posts to keep you entertained while I am away. Tear, sniff. However, I will be armed with lots of photos when I return and will be sure to upload some to share with you lovelies.

My organisational skills are seriously lacking so I don't have any Gossip Girl posts prepared so that will have to start again next year or if I have time next week I might post season 2. Otherwise everything shall be back to normal next year. Wow that sounds really weird to say.

I doubt I will have access to wifi on the cruise and won't have access to wifi in Johannesburg. More tears and sniffs. I won't be able to watch my favourite youtubers (not being able to watch dailygrace videos for 2 weeks, the world is surely going to end). Anyway if I don't post anything next week hope you all have a smashing Christmas and New Year and all that jazz. Stay stylish!


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