Thursday, 27 September 2012

Let's call it a "Bucket" list for now.

What started off as a list of things to do accomplish during the upcoming holidays turned into a to do list of things I want to accomplish - some short term, some by the end of the summer holidays and some just whenever. I haven't really set a definite date on when I want to accomplish all of this. I was inspired by the list created on Design Darling. I've already accomplished one thing which i have always wanted to do and that was start a blog. Yaaay for accomplishments. Anyway, some of these things are more tasks than goals. Nonetheless, I have decided to write them all down and as I think of more I shall be sure to add them despite the randomness of it. Here's what I got for now and I'll be sure to check back in and cross off the ones I have accomplished.


  1. Learn to sew.
  2. Learn to cook.
  3. Find a holiday job and apply for it. 
  4. Back up my Mac...soon. 
  5. Send someone a letter via snail mail. 
  6. Learn how to take photo's properly. (Youtube might be a good start)
  7. Commit to a sport at school for a term. 
  8. Save my birthday money. 
  9. Try something new - maybe a new food?
  10. Conquer my fear of heights.. (could be a long shot)
  11. Cut my hair short, shoulder length. 
  12. Watch more classic movies (pre-2000s)
  13. Learn to surf. 
  14. Learn more general knowledge and in the same vein partake in a quiz of some sorts. 
  15. With regards to number 10: find the courage to do the big swing and go on the tallest water slide at uShaka. 
  16. Go cage diving with the sharks and snorkeling at uShaka. 
  17. Broaden my taste in music.
  18. Find a hobby/interest.
  19. Get organized. 
  20. Zorbing
  21. Convince a friend or my sister to do some of the above with me. 
The haircut I want (11) sans the surprised look.
So 21 seems like a nice number to leave this at for now. Hopefully some of these will motivate me to do more in the September and December holidays than just sit in front of the television watching re-runs of shows from eons ago although number 12 would require me to do so..

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