Monday, 24 September 2012


Last friday night (I know you just started singing Katy Perry in your head) we all got dressed up, donned our heels and went out to Moyo's @uShaka to celebrate my 16th birthday. The vibe was amazing and every hour or so the staff did a dance to whatever song that was currently playing. We even joined in one time and tried to copy there moves which we eventually picked up after a song or two. The song of the evening, however, was Gangnam Style although we didn't get a chance to play it and get up and dance to it we were still bopping along to it in our seats. Along with that was Moyo's face paint which we all loved. It's amazing how with just a toothpick and some white paint they can paint unique African patterns on your face. The food was all African-themed or specifically local cuisine. I was sung too twice by the Moyo's staff which was fun - the second time was with ice-cream.

I wore a mullet-style dress with black heels and necklace and earrings which I got as birthday presents from both my aunts. I painted my fingernails a nude colour (Sand Tropez by Essie). Despite me wearing heels, everyone else wore heels too so I was still short in comparison as you will see in the photo's. Sigh. Just a little fashion update for you style-watchers out there.

Moyo's face paint. 
One too many mocktails..

Where did Sana go? :O

She's back!

Casually looking out to the ocean..

Singing Happy Birthday!

Us in the back, joining in on the dancing. 

Busting out our own moves. 

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