Monday, 10 September 2012

Insert excited face.

So as the much anticipated sixteenth draws closer and closer, the excitement builds. I always get very excited around my birthday time, more so than most people do I think. Oh well, no one seems to really mind. 2 more days, wooohoo!

But I'm not going to just post about the fact that it's two days till my birthday because that would be a very boring blog post. On to more pressing matters, I have recently become obsessed with various blogs - most of them are fashion blogs of people living in the US but there is the odd South African/English blogger amongst my obsession (in want of a better word). These blogs seem to be very popular already but I'm only just stumbling upon them now... They're all on the side bar to the left of this post under Favourite Blogs. Just to name a few that I particularly love A Piece of ToastDesign DarlingNote to self and some recent ones that I have found - Damsel in Dior and Style and Pepper.

So that's that, hope I've hooked you on to a couple of these blogs and check out the rest that I follow under Favourite Blogs. 

Happy Browsing!

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