Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Erm So How Does This Work?

Please note that the name of this blog has since changed and the reasons and the new name is explained in this post

Okay so holiday boredom has got the better of me so I decided to start this blog to chronicle the daily occurrences of my life. Okay not really, posting things I find interesting from tv show quotes - prepare yourself for Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother amongst other comedy show quotes - to cute and funny photos (not necessarily fitting into the same category), interesting tweets.
Maybe I should explain the title? Pretty self explanatory, I have minor addictions to TV, twitter and tea, I also like the website but that didnt really fit in with whole t alliteration thing.

Cast photos for those of you haven't heard of How I Met Your Mother

..And The Big Bang Theory

Sohini out x

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