Tuesday, 4 December 2012

TV, Turmeric, Tea.

After reading twitter's copyright page, I discovered much to my dismay (and embarrassment) that I couldn't use the word twitter in my domain name so tvtwittertea.blogspot.com was no longer a viable domain name. This launched me into panic because I'm not the most creative type so rethinking of a domain name was very daunting. I wasted about an hour googling ideas, trying out blog name generators; literally everything.

Having no luck, I turned to human help and this human was particularly helpful. All I essentially needed was another 't' word to continue the alliteration and so that the name change wasn't particularly drastic. There were many suggestions and options for this much-needed 't' word - tunes, toast, toes, turquoise, tan, tangerine, tittles, tattles, taffy, toffee. You get the picture. I was close to choosing tunes but then it hit me like an acorn falling from the sky. Turmeric!

Turmeric you ask? Turmeric is common Indian spice, used extensively in the cooking of curries. Using turmeric in my domain name symbolises my indian culture and of course keeps up with the 't' alliteration. My initial domain name spurred from my addiction to tv, twitter and tea. So with this new domain name it still reflects these minor addictions but at the same time celebrating my indian culture.

Pretty philosophical right? I think so. Unfortunately I can't redirect all traffic from the domain tvtwittertea.blogspot.com so sorry if there is any inconvenience caused. If you're a first time reader, disregard this all and welcome to my blog - stay as long as you like and feel free to hit that follow button;) Stay stylish!


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