Wednesday, 4 July 2012

House and Garden Show..

So this afternoon we visited the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show. Basically all the decor and garden related businesses have stands displaying their merchandise (if that's the correect term?). Anyway, most of it was pretty bleh and boring; the furniture most of it was the same, all had some sort of sparkle or shine to it. There were some exciting stalls though with pretty innovative utensils for the house. There were also food stalls which were more up my ally, from squirrel nuts to Aribba Chocolate - I tasted most of it. Two more things which were also really cool. One was an embroidery machine which was essentially like a robot because it created these works of embroidery on fabric without any human help (obviously someone had to programme it and what not but still)!
The machine at work.. Feel free to start and stop the video when you want, excuse the quality (taken with my phone).

The second thing was a dishwasher with a glass door so you could actually see how a dishwasher works/cleans the dishes! I found it pretty cool.
So the quality of the photo isn't the best but this is basically how the magic happens.
This is the Chip Twister which I had. Yum!

Sohini Out x

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