Friday, 11 December 2015

December in Durban

Having the whole summer holiday ahead of you in your hometown can seem dauntingly boring, however, I am determined to explore more of this city. I say determined because I know more often then not my sloth tendencies take over and hours of afternoons can pass by potato-ing on the couch. I like to think my saying this on the Internet will force me to be less sloth.

I digress, here's my list of things I'd like to do/explore/see this summer:

Promenade Bike Rides:
For as long as the revamped promenade has been around, I haven't cycled along it. This time it shall  happen. Bike rides can always be so whimsical.

Indoor ice-rink:
Hot weather calls for cool places and floating on ice always provides some entertainment.

From the iHeart Market to the Shongweni's Farmer Market, Saturday mornings are made for markets and yummy food (if not for sleeping in)

Only because I like to feel tall once in a while and heels aren't always as fun.

Basically Durban at it's best - need I say more?

Exploring new & different dining and coffee spots:
Tea (& food in general) is always the best idea.

Beachfront amusement park:
Merry-go-rounds & fun rides never get old.

Yoga by the beach:
It just sounds very movie-like but will probably prove to be hot & sticky in this humidity.

Seeing the city in a different way:
As cliched as it sounds, seeing the city through the eyes of a tourist can be refreshing.
     So this is my mini-list of things I may or may not do this December. I plan to update the blog with all the adventures if the bustling holiday crowds don't test my patience.

    For now,  here's some Mindy.

    What are some of your fav summer activities? xo


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