Friday, 18 January 2013

The Sick Diaries.

I've been sick for the passed two days. How joyous, I know. There are some perks to staying at home and missing school.

  1. You miss school (i.e. I get to wake up a tad later)
  2. You can watch TV.
  3. You can watch series and movies on your laptop. 
  4. Catch up on some blog reading. 
Le not so perks of being a sick flower (AKA the reality of being sick at home):
  1. You have to catch up all the school work you missed.
  2. Daytime television sucks. 
  3. You quickly realise you've watched most episodes of your series or that most series don't premiere until next week. 
  4. Your eyes hurt (from being sick and tired) so you can't spend that much time on your laptop anyway. 
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day sleeping and changing between warm and cool clothes because your body can't decide if it's feeling hot or cold. FUN. I also spent a lot of time sneezing (seriously, like most of last night I couldn't stop) so in light of that I found some funny sneezing-related pics on pintrest

Yes I looked like the maniac in the second pic. Imagine doing that repeatedly for like a good five seconds.
Too cute I know.
Hopefully I'll be well enough to return to school on Monday, if not it will be another day of sneezing, itchiness and lacklustre daytime television. Cry me a river, I know. Hope you have a superb weekend if you're sick as well - just snuggle up with a pot of tea/coffee/hot choccie and watch all those movies that you keep telling yourself "you have to see" (maybe even The Perks of Being a Wallflower, lolsies) at least that's what I'm going to do. Stay stylish!


  1. That little squirrel is adorable!! Hope you feel better soon, I've felt pretty rubbish the past week and it's not been fun being ill at work x

  2. You have lovely blog, i really like it :)


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