Saturday, 4 August 2012

Exchange Students.

At last the Canadians have arrived. After waiting almost 5 months since leaving Canada for these two weeks: it is here. It started off on a wobbly note when there was a bit of an airport mishap with bags being lost and people getting left behind but thankfully both the bags and the girls are safely here. It's exciting to see Durban through their eyes and seeing what we take for granted or as everyday - e.g. the beach. I'm also really keen to show them where I live and how I live after being on exchange in Canada; showing them school, the beach, Gateway, the stadium and all that fun stuff. So I shall keep you all posted on what we do and where we go as it happens. It shall be an exciting two weeks.

Some of the girls down at the moment and us three South Africans.
Sohini out x

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