Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Beaches and Tea.

Day 2 of hosting the exchange students was pretty eventful.  I first thought we wouldn't get to do anything in the morning because they were still recovering from lack of sleep due to traveling and woke up pretty late. Nevertheless, we did go to the beach for breakfast and walked on the beach for a bit. We ate at Cafe Jiran and thereafter walked on the promenade and because we were walking with two foreigners, who have never experienced sandy shores back home, we were soon walking on the sandy beach. We even dipped our legs in the not-so-icy sea and mucked around in the sand. Being Durban's winter, it wasn't all that cold for the Canadians.

In the afternoon we went for High Tea as a farewell for the Scottish exchange students. It was a really good excuse to get all dolled up in girly dresses and heels and prance around eating delicious cakes and drinking tea for two hours. Let's not forget taking tons of photos with the most amazing views of Durban as our backdrop. There was also the excitement of spotting a monkey in one of the trees for our Canadian exchanges who have never seen one before. It was a really cute afternoon.

Sohini out x

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