Friday, 15 February 2013

Unleash your inner animal.

Last week Wednesday we had a grade bonding evening with the prefects! It was a lot of fun despite majority of the grade not pitching up... The theme was "Unleash your inner animal". I didn't have many animalistic clothing so I unleashed my inner guinea fowl in the form of my earrings. What a cool cat, I know (more like cool guinea fowl). We played various games and one of my favourites were where we put into groups of about six and given characters and we had to make plays/sketches out of them. We had an elephant, drunk pilot, teacher, druggie, taxi driver and my character had a broken leg. My group won best play/sketch thing (not that I'm bragging or anything). Here are a few photos a few of my Facebook friends posted (I didn't bring my camera, so these photos aren't my own).

Notice my animal earrings.  

The group.
The play. 
Have a stylish weekend, happy Friday y'all!

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